Blinds For Windows – Window Shades and Blinds Vs Curtains and Draperies

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No home can ever be complete without the right blinds for windows. This is one aspect where I am very sure you will spend a great amount of time finding the most appropriate window shades and blinds for your home as your choice will eventually impact on the overall theme and mood of the entire ambiance.

Gone are the days when curtains and draperies ruled. Blinds for windows have already become the main window treatment in recent years due to their versatility, their ability to exude the right mood for the right ambiance. The age old perception that blinds are incapable of adding aesthetics to the home has been totally debunked by the wide variety available as well as the immaculate quality that premium blinds accord.

In fact the overwhelming variety of window shades and blinds available in the market are capable of enhancing your space with any theme, design or mood you desire. Take for instance that you have the habit of keeping late nights and love to sleep in late into the next day. No curtain would be able to provide you with the total block out from the sunlight like the black out blinds can. Similarly, no curtain or drapes are made to insulate your home in contrast to the cellular window blinds.

Amidst the varied functions that blinds provide are certainly more superior protection from dust and dirt. Drapes and curtain tend to gather dust on themselves and the only way to clean is to wash them. In contrast, blinds for windows are made for easy and convenient maintenance. You simply use a damp cloth or dust busters to wipe over the slats and they are good as new.

Homes with curtains and drapes generally have a cluttered look and feel which the modern minimalistic preferences do not gel well with. Blinds for windows on the other hand, tend to give your space a simplistic yet elegant look and feel. With the wide variety of avant garde designs, color, textures, materials and fabrics available, it is no wonder that window shades and blinds is the preferred window treatments these days.


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