How to Clean Shades and Blinds

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Where does the dust and grime come from that settles on your blinds and shades? It seems like they are nearly impossible to keep clean…unless you know the insider’s cleaning tips.

How to Clean Shades and Blinds



Keep all types of mini blinds dust free by regularly vacuuming them with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.


Clean moderately dirty blinds with white cotton gloves on your hands. Mix up a small bucket of ammonia, hot (not scalding) water, and a dab of dishwashing liquid. You don’t want to have too many suds or you’ll have a hard time getting the soap off. Put your hands into the bucket and wring them a little to get the excess water off. You don’t want water to run off the blinds and make a mess to clean up afterwards. Run your fingers down the length of each slat. Rinse gloves frequently. Put on a dry pair of gloves and run your fingers over the slats again. They don’t have to be perfectly dry but they can’t have visible water on them or they’ll be spotty looking. Make sure that all the soap is off–a film of soap will be a magnet for dust and dirt.


Take your mini blinds down and wash them in the bathtub if they are filthy. Use a de-greasing liquid dishwashing detergent and hot water. Add some ammonia to the water if you’re afraid they won’t come clean.


Know whether you have washable or non-washable window shades. All shades should be vacuumed regularly with a brush attachment to prevent the dust from settling in and being ground in when the shades is rolled up and down. Make sure to vacuum the top of the shades and any valances at the same time. Clean washable shades with an all purpose spray cleaner, wiping down from the top to the bottom to prevent runs. If the shades aren’t very dirty, this should be enough.


Take down really dirty shades for cleaning. Put them across a table–an outside picnic table is great. Wash them with a sponge and a bucket with dishwashing liquid and hot water. Rinse well with a clean sponge and clean water. Let the shade dry completely before you put it back on the window.


Take shades that aren’t washable to the dry cleaners, but call ahead as not all cleaners will do this. If they aren’t too dirty, you can vacuum them for cleaning. Sometimes an art gum eraser will work for light stains. Just take care to rub gently with it. Test a corner of the shade at the very top with any treatment you want to try. You can also use a little bit of corn meal onto the shade with a rather rough absorbent piece of cloth such as an old towel. A piece of fabric from an old sweatshirt or sweat pants, used on the wrong side, works best. If you have no corn meal you can use kitchen flour but it isn’t quite as effective.


Keep your blinds and shades free of dust so that they don’t really become too dirty. Be careful to always pull shades down by the plastic holder at the bottom to keep fingerprints from staining the shades. Always use the string to raise and lower your blinds and the plastic wand to open and close them. If you keep these clean regularly, they shouldn’t need extra cleaning down the road.

Source: eHow

Finally, here is a video with more tips!

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